About Photography Workshops and Teaching

Photography workshops are wonderful ways to help improve your photography, to become inspired, and to help refine your style and focus your vision. But not all workshops, and not all leaders, are the same.

When shopping for a photography workshop, do you choose a leader whose recent, post-retirement, part-time hobby is photography, or one whose life has revolved around it for years? Do you choose the leader whose primary interest is scheduling workshops, or the teacher whose primary interest is being a photographer?

Photography workshops can be expensive, and you want to get the most from your experience. Choose a workshop leader who is both an experienced, talented photographer and caring, skilled teacher. One with a proven track record who is genuinely concerned about your artistic growth, who has the insight to inspire you, and who can help get you past the nagging FUD (fear, uncertainty and doubt) which afflicts us all.

I spent three days photographing with Chuck with a small group, private workshop in western Wyoming, and had an amazing experience. He was friendly and helpful and his enthusiasm about photography was inspiring to us all. We all learned a lot and I am very happy with how my photography has improved.
Daniel B.
I have been a photographer—a full-time photographer—for the better part of 25 years. I have a Pulitzer Prize nomination to my credit, have taught numerous workshops and was a featured speaker at the Moab Photo Symposium as well many camera clubs. In addition, I have participated in numerous solo and juried exhibits, have had dozens of articles written about me and my work, and have been awarded four national park artist residencies. My artist vitae says it all. I am also an experienced, caring and inspirational leader and teacher. Your goals are my goals. I sincerely want to help you grow as a photographer and to give you the tools necessary to help you achieve your goals.

If you are serious about your photography and desire to get to that next level, want to find more meaning in your work, or if you would like to strengthen your knowledge of, and appreciation for, black and white photography, please consider joining me on one of my scheduled photography workshops or, if you prefer a more relaxed and personal experience, consider a private solo or group workshop perfectly tailored to fit your needs and expectations.

See what some of my former students had to say:

“I recently attended my first workshop with Chuck Kimmerle. He is a very inspirational teacher and master Black and White photographer. His passion for his photography is contagious! Chuck worked with the participants pointing out better compositions and details to make the images come alive. He mentored and encouraged the participants in developing their vision and skills. Prior to this workshop I didn’t feel comfortable with sharing my work because I didn’t think they were “good enough;” once I looked at my new images in post production, I was truly amazed at the results. The images were extraordinary! I am looking forward to attending another Black and White workshop with Chuck!" Carla F.

Our growth as photographers is filled with vignettes of learning, some more powerful than others. While we gain experience by doing, we often need a little guidance. I attended a Chuck Kimmerle workshop a couple of years ago and he taught me a lesson that took my photography to a whole new level. He observed me working a subject that I was struggling with and after a while he stopped me and suggested that rather than chase the subject I should sit back, observe and wait for the subject to come to me. This lesson is now a significant part of my photography workflow. Arthur R.